Monica Richards (Infra Warrior) – The Strange Familiar (2011)



Nach dem großen Erfolg der weltweiten Faith and the Muse Tournee und der DVD „shoumei“ fand die Sängerin Monica Richards endlich wieder Zeit um an ihrem Soloprojekt Infra Warrior weiterzustricken. Die EP „The Strange Familiar“ ist ein Vorbote für das im Herbst erscheinende neue Album „Naiades“, Monica umreisst die die Arbeiten folgender maßen: „Während meine erste Soloscheibe stärker in Richtung elektronischen Tribals tendierte, haben sich die aktueller Tracks stärker in Richtung Rock entwickelt. Das liegt sicher auch an den vielen Livekonzerten der letzten Zeit“. Nach vielen persönlichen Veränderungen ist „The Strange Familiar“ auch eine Neufindung und persönliche Bestandsaufnahme der kalifornischen Sängerin, die mit Infra Warrior ein neues Kapitel ihrer langen musikalischen Laufbahn aufschlägt. Selbstbestimmt und mit neuem Wind unter den Segeln emanzipiert sich Monica auch von dem Korsett „Faith and the Muse“. Unterstützt wurde Monica von ihren langjährigen Mitstreitern Marzia (cello), Steven James (Gitarre), Paul Mercer (Geige) und Steve Niles (Bass) sowie Chad Blinman hinter den Reglern.

—english version —

Monica Richards is back with a blast with her second InfraWarrior release, debuting the new e.p., ‚The Strange Familiar‘! Featuring 4 new songs plus a dance-remix of her most beloved song from InfraWarrior CD, „A Good Thing“. This is the preview to her new album „Naiades“ . From Monica: „I am working in new directions. The first InfraWarrior CD was quite electro-tribal, this work is taking on some harder rock as well as real soundscape styles. I have had quite a life change this past year, following the last Faith and the Muse tours, so I am now really doing my own recording studio, being my own engineer as well. But as always, I am working with Chad Blinman as producer. I also have guest musicians on these tracks, such as Steven and Marzia who played live with Faith and the Muse over the last year and have been so supportive of my new music. „Armistice“ is the title of a harder rock piece, with driving bass and guitars. I had Steve Niles play bass, he and I and very close – he’s one of my oldest friends and though he is an acclaimed horror writer, he got his start the same way I did – back in the Washington D.C. punk rock scene of the 80’s! I also have Steven James (Christ vs. Warhol) on guitar. „Armistice“ is about true self-empowerment, facing your life and its hardships with courage, bravery. „The Mighty“ is a new soundscape with spoken word that explodes into warrior drums. It is about the lifetimes of one life, those future and past lives we feel we have lived. I speak as the Muse, the warrior, the bard, the king, the pauper, the farmer… all personas that ebb and flow in our worlds… Marzia Rangel (Christ vs. Warhol) played cellos on this. „The Strange Familiar“ is about finding yourself again, coming back full circle to your roots. It’s a very sweet song, dulcimer and strings with heart-beat dance drums, I actually wondered if it was TOO nice but Chad felt it was strong as well. Marzia also added her talents to this song. „Oreiades“ is an amazing live piece, with Paul Mercer, my violinist from the FATM tours. He and I were in the caves beneath Schloss Cotteneau and Bruno recorded us improvising. What came out is almost called from the depths of the tunnels, there is an old world folk singing that I can’t even say where it came from… I also have a wonderful dance remix of „A Good Thing“ which I found was pretty much everyone’s favorite song fro the first CD, as I think it touches everyone right in the heart. So I felt it would be a good one to track on the dance floor. The new album is called „Naiades“. I am working in the flow of water, the ability to bend, move and carry through. Not sure if that’s the main theme, really it’s still in progress, and I continue on as I go, though there may be harder rock songs to come! Monica will be bringing her InfraWarrior show to life with an interactive art film made especially for the live show with the help of Marc Moorash and Ava Heydt of Sephemera (Marc created the acclaimed Faith and the Muse „Battle Hymn“ video), as well as two live drummers (Caroline and Lesley from 7th Harmonic) and Lucretia, from the dance troop Serpentine. The show promises to be a living art piece, based on Women and Nature.


02.The Mighty
03.Strange Familiar
04.A Good Thing (Strange Ones remix)