Biomekkanik Rerelease

Biomekkanik Rerelease

Die fantastische Electronic Pop Band um den ehemaligen S.P.O.C.K. Keybaorder Christer Hermodsson hat ihr Album Violently Beautiful endlich auf Danse Macabre re-released. Christer dazu:

„It’s back! The album “Violently beautiful” is once again available on all music streaming services.
Due to some label problems it was taken down from the net but with awesome help from Danse Macabre Records it was all sorted out.
So here it is again.
What can I say about the album… this was the follow up from State of perfection and it took years for me to write. And by that, I really mean write the songs, the words and how they fit together (or sometimes not fit together). Maybe because I’m extremely meticulous or maybe I’m just slow.
To produce and to make all the sounds is always the easy part.
Is all this, the band the music, me, us, the band pretentious? The answer is a big YES!
I didn’t write this music to please or fill the dancefloors, it was more a like “need” or a craving that needed to be met. There’s politics, conflicts and war. Dreams, one-night stands and perhaps a hint of love somewhere. There’s the offspring of the song Pitch black ocean, which has the same story but in a different setting. There is a portion of necessary nonsense and humour of course. That’s a part of life to. Will I ever make music like this again? Perhaps.
We, Biomekkanik are very proud of this album. And we hope you all still enjoy this “lovechild” of ours.“


18 Oktober 2021 News

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