Tragic Black melden sich zurück

Tragic Black melden sich zurück

Es war ein paar Jahre leise um die amerikanischen Deathrocker von Tragic Black. In 2016 spielt die Band nicht nur auf dem kommenden Wave Gotik Treffen, sondern veröffentlichen auch ein neues Album.
Dazu Vision, der Kopf der Band:

„Coming soon from the darkest corridors of mind, to the foggiest dance floors on Earth, our New Album „NOSTALGIA“ on Danse Macabre Records. This is all new, state-of-the-art old school music, executed in total decadence, returning to our roots.. „the kind of music we would of made at our beginning, if we knew then what we know now“ kind of album. We are excited for you to hear. For now unveil the cover of Nostalgia, stay tuned for pre-sale & ordering info, release date and more details. A new era of Tragic Black has began! Thanks for yer support!“


3 Februar 2016 News

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