Vic Anselmo – In My Fragile (2011)



Selten hat eine osteuropäische Künstlerin so begeistert wie die lettische Schönheit Vic Anselmo, die im Vorprogramm von Deine Lakaien mit ihrer facettenreichen und anrührenden Stimme das Publikum verzauberte.Die lettische Ausnahmekünstlerin posiert auf dem Cover ihres neuen Werkes in den Ruinen ihrer Heimatstadt Riga. Sybolisch für den Untergang der alten Gesellschaftsordnung thematisiert das Album eine Liebesgeschichte im nuklearen Winter einer Katastrophe globalen Ausmasses.. Verpackt in traumhafte Balladen, rockige Midtemponummern und „straight edge“ Gothicmetal begeistert das Album von der ersten Note an. Neben bluesigen Nummern wird diesesmal auch ein Cover der befreudeten Band Das Ich intoniert: Das dunkle Land. Die Erwartungen an das neue Album sind hoch, denn bereits das Debut „Trapped In A Dream“ erreichte Bestwertungen, wie z.B. Newcomer des Monats im „Orkus“, zweiter Platz im Zillo Soundcheck. „In My Fragile…“ wurde in Lettland in den Fenix Studios aufgenommen.

— english version —

“Create! Cares! Destroy!” sings Vic Anselmo. And not in vain because the album is dedicated to Mortido the human longing for self destruction. How fragile is love, joy, faith, and hope being watched by the destructive beast inside ourselves. The album is realized as a soundtrack to imaginary nuclear catastrophe movie. Sometimes desperate, sometimes ironic it reflects a personal collapse through the images of global disaster. Through the whole album we could hear clicks of radiation, air-raids, explosions, and radio-noises. The album artwork completes the whole picture. On the CD cover you can see ruins of Riga, the city Vic comes from. Vic Anselmo was called once Female fronted Pink Floyd on Gothic for her ability to transfuse visual images through the music. In my fragile… contains a cover song. It is Das dunkle Land originally performed by Das Ich. There are also 4 exclusive acoustic bonus tracks recorded live during last Vic Anselmo tour where she supported a legendary German electronic avantgarde duo De ine Lakaien. Vic Anselmo opened all 24 shows of Indicator tour and got a recognition and awesome response of big crowds in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The last 2 years since her debut «Trapped in a dream» were very busy for Vic Anselmo. Except tour with Deine Lakaien she performed two European club tours with her band and big festivals like WGT 2009, Waregem Gothic Festival 2010, Castle Party 2009, Elf Fantasy Fair 2010, and Dark Mills 2010 in London. A little time before Vic also recorded a song “You’ll Never Understand” with UK synth-pop band Mesh. Vic Anselmo also recorded her vocals for Inner Fear, a project of Craddle of Filth drummer Martin Marthus Škaroupka. Her debut album Trapped in a Dream got great response from music media: Newcomer of The Month in Orkus 10.2008, 2nd place in Zillo’s sound check, Legacy 12/15, Rockoon 5/6, Sonic Seducer Sound check 7th place, Gothic 9.5/10, West Zeit 5/5 and more… Vic Anselmo also entered Latvian FHM magazine with photo session and interview. In my fragile.. is recorded in Latvia at Fenix studio by Gints Lundbergs.Produced by Herman Rigmant and George Kadolchik.Vic Anselmo’s live band are:Herman Rigmant – guitars, electronic percussions,George Kadolchik – keyboards, Pēteris Pāss – bass, Mārtiņš Miļevskis – drums. Cover art and photo by Arthur Berzinsh, Inside photos by Alexander Trinitatov, Booklet photos by Sandy Worm.


02.More than you can comprehend
03.Open Wide
06.Bone’s Blues
08.Secrets of the universe
09.Das dunkle Land
10.In the Darkness
11.The Day
13.Bone’s Blues(bonus)
14.Leaving Eden(bonus)
15.Tumsha Nakte(bonus Latvian traditional song)