Transit Poetry – Pedestrians In The Sky (2011)



„Pedestrians In The Sky“ ist ein durchweg eigenständiges Album, denn der Transit-Poetry-Sound ist mittlerweile unverkennbar. Für enge Schubladen erweist sich die Scheibe als zu vielschichtig, denn ob harmonischer Breitwand-Pop, Gitarren-getriebener Rock, Metal-
Reminiszenzen, Trip Hop, Electronica oder melodramatischer Wave mit deutlichem 80er-Jahre-Einschlag – hier wird eine große musikalische Bandbreite abgedeckt, ohne dass das Hörerlebnis unhomogen wirkt. Selbst Ethno-Einflüsse verarbeitet man in „A Prayer To The Planet“ gekonnt, wohingegen „Aeroplanes Into The Sun“ mit einem wehmütigen, echten Akkordeon besticht und „A Drowning Man“ durch den Einsatz einer Kantele bereichert wird. Ein weiteres Highlight ist das Duett mit der Sängerin Leandra in der romantischverklärten Dark-Pop-Perle „Luminous Stars“. Jeder der 15 Songs hat einen eigenen Charakter und ist Teil einer spannenden Reise in die eigene Innenwelt. So erweist sich „Pedestrians In The Sky“ als einprägsames, tanzbares, organisches und dennoch tiefsinniges Album, das Hörern verschiedener Sparten ein Soundtrack zur eigenen Selbstfindung sein kann!

— english version —

It was truly a huge project, which Transit Poetry had started in 2002. Four albums should be released, each of them dealing with one of the elements water, fire, earth and air to build a lyrical bridge between material and spiritual world. These days the musicians around mastermind Sascha Blach present the fourth and last part of the concept: „Pedestrians In The Sky“. The album finishes the element tetralogy with the subject matter “air” and turns out to be a multilayered hybrid of spirituality, pictorial poetry and powerfully eloquent social criticism. In addition Transit Poetry offer a lot of stirring, catchy melodies, since in comparison to the predecessor albums “Evocation Of Gaia” (2008), “Shamanic Passage Through The Embers” (2005) and “Themes From The Desolate Ocean” (2004) the hit
potential is even higher. If the first single “Little Buddha”, the driving opener “Astronauts & Butterflies”, the rocking “Monsters” or “Der Nachtwandler”, the first German Transit Poetry song, they all stuck in your head after listening to them two or three times. But also in stylistic terms Transit Poetry went a huge step forwards and enhanced their Gothic roots with a lot of new elements. “Pedestrians In The Sky” is an original album and the band’s style is easy to recognise in each song. Accessorily it is also a miscellaneous album, which only heavily can be put into any average category. If harmonic cinematic pop, guitar-driven rock, metal reminiscences, trip-hop, electronica or melodramatic wave with 80s vibes – a huge of variety of sounds is offered, which nevertheless sounds homogenous. Even ethno influences are integrated in “A Prayer To The Planet”, whereas “Aeroplanes Into The Sun” contains a wistful, real accordion and “A Drowning Man” a kantele. Another highlight is the romantic dark pop song “Luminous Stars”, a duet with Leandra. Every of the 15 songs has its own character and is part of an exciting journey into one’s own interior world. Altogether “Pedestrians In The Sky” is a catchy, danceable, organic and profound record, which can be a soundtrack for the self-discovery of listeners from many different genres!


01. Astronauts & Butterflies
02. Monsters
03. A Drowning Man
04. Little Buddha
05. A Prayer To The Planet
06. Space Volcanoes
07. Der Nachtwandler
08. Storm – The Darkest Of All Butterflies
09. Blood On The Windmills
10. Rhyme Of The Fairies
11. The Solitary Dancers
12. Aeroplanes Into The Sun
13. Luminous Stars (feat. Leandra)
14. Halo Of The World
15. Ad Infinitum