Substaat – Refused (2012)



Das norwegische EBM Trio machte innerhalb kurzer Zeit von sich reden, als es im Jahre 2011 mit dem Debutalbum 13 Wochen in den DAC Top 10 gastierte. Gemeinsame Auftritte mit Combichrist, Festivalshows im Rahmen des Wave Gotik Treffen und der Popkomm rundeten den norwegischen Sommer in Deutschland ab. Mit der neuen Single “Refused” entwickelt die Band um den Sänger Terje die meldoischen Momente weiter aus, löst sich vom strikten EBM Korsett und fröhnt der modernen Retro-Elektro-Welle. Der Vorbote des im Herbst erscheinenden neuen Longplayers dürfte auch wieder für kräftige Resonanz auf den europäischen Tanzflächen sorgen.

— english version —

Last year many of us were lucky enough to get acquainted with the Norwegian ebm act Substaat. The debutalbum was so strong that it received great reviews throughout Europe and spent 13 weeks on top 10 at the DAC-list. The band had a busy year with live shows together with Combichrist, played at the WGT festival and Popkomm. Substaat is yet again ready to enchant the electronic scene with a new release this spring. The single “Refused” is taking Substaat further to synthpop. While EBM was the main ingredient on the previous release, catchy melodies are now more present. The music background of the band members covers a wide specter of synth music, and the new songs just fell into place in a natural way when we started working, says Terje and Jarle. The new songs got a lot of good feedback when performed live in April, on tour with Icon of Coil. The single also contains two previously unreleased songs which is suitable for a dancefloor; “Berlin” and “Drive Again”. The track “Berlin” is a standing ovation to the city all synth-fans love, and the perfect tune for late summer nights. Substaat has made several new songs in addition, and are also planning an album release in the near future.


1. Refused
2. Berlin
3. Drive Again