Partly Faithful – Lazarus Under Glass (2013)



Ferocity in the face of adversity and the unyielding struggle against insignificance in a nihilistic universe – these are the themes that make up London artrockers Partly Faithful’s debut ‘Lazarus Under Glass’. It contains 13 tracks that blend art rock with funk-driven post-punk, sinister shoegaze and spiky dark pop to create something that grabs the listener by the throat and forces them to listen. Recorded, mixed and co-produced by Lewis Childs (Nosferatu) at Earth Terminal Studios in Hampshire (S.C.U.M/ Rough Trade), the album includes all new material including the recently-released single ‘Underset’ and a completely re-recorded version of live favourite ‘Scribbles’, which was previously only available as a drum machine demo. More vitriolic than ever, frontman Ed Banshee has poured his heart and soul into the lyrics which cover almost every aspect of life. Elsewhere, guitarist Anouska Haze has pushed her effects pedals to the max exceeding her reputation as a female Daniel Ash; add to this Christopher Blake’s throbbing basslines and Belle Star’s hard-edged drums and ‘Lazarus Under Glass’ looks set to be one of the most exciting albums of 2013. Special mention goes to the experimental opener ‘Lazarus Rising’, inspired by Russian flash fiction written by Anouska Haze. In addition to this, four songs feature guest backing vocals from Jason Lipscombe of no-wave punk trio Clockwork Era. ‘Lazarus Under Glass’ is distributed in Europe (excl. UK) through German label Danse Macabre and in Scandinavia through M&A MusicArt/Sound Pollution.


01 Lazarus Rising
02 Amen
03 Underset
04 Hatchet
05 Collapsing
06 Big Bang Medicine
07 Stop
08 Wasting Ground
09 Obsession
10 Skin
11 Scribbles
12 We Are Insect
13 Lazarus Under Glass