Kuroshio – Biomechanic (2012)



The roots of Kuroshio are in the former Finnish electro band Kuroshio Current that disbanded in 2008. The Kuroshio Current founder and singer aQi kept on making music and officially a new project called Kuroshio was born on September 9th in year 2009 (09.09.09).

Kuroshio’s music could be described as a fusion of dark psy-trance and electro industrial, not forgetting the oldschool ebm and techno
influences. Danceable pounding beats and sometimes classical film score style arrangements combined into one electronic motion. Lyrics are mostly inspired by the science fiction horror movies, cyberpunk and dreams of electronic sheep, haunted by the nightmares of post apocalyptic world.

The first Kuroshio live performances were done in March 2010 and now in November 2012 Kuroshio will present it’s debut album „Biomechanic“ followed by more live performances. When performing live Kuroshio consists of aQi accompanied by E-110 and K-109 as live members.


01. Hacked (album mix)
02. Room 10
03. Biorobot (refined)
04. Dreamcatcher
05. Scannerhead
06. Autumn
07. Inferno
08. Sunburn
09. Undefined
10. Amplified (2012 version)