ErilaZ – Black God Of The Hunt (2013)



ErilaZ returns with an album unlike anything you have heard before. Cleverly mixing Industrial Metal & EBM, this versatile full-length has more depth and f#ck-off attitude than the previous ErilaZ release, while also staying true to the mythological and occult themes typical to ErilaZ. Black God of the Hunt contains 12 songs that range from highly aggressive metal-type songs to full-fledged electronics and a couple of shed-a-tear slow motion songs. ErilaZ is a Finnish trio and is made up by Proteus, aQi Kuroshio and ErilaZ. The name „ErilaZ“ is a Proto-Germanic title that can be interpreted as „Runemaster“. Runes and Northern-European mythology are important themes in ErilaZ’s lyrics.


01. Legacy
02. Straight Line
03. New World Disorder
04. Kuolema Sinut Tänä Syksynä Korjaa
05. Numinous
06. The Successor
07. If I Die Today
08. Unknown Dark Horizons
09. Resurrection Of Wotan
10. The Architect
11. I’m Alive Again
12. July Cries