Das Ich statement

Das Ich statement

We performed with Das Ich in Israel several times and grieve for those who lost loved ones in this horrible terroristic attack.

Terrorist attacks on civilians are sheer cowardice and the lowest humanity can go.

Palestinians protesting their conditions in Gaza and around the world should condemn these attacks.

People who are now openly expressing their antisemitism in our cities in Germany must face a state response.

Germany, due to its history, has a special responsibility to combat any form of antisemitism.

Solidarity with Israel not only means supporting the state of Israel but also standing up against antisemitism and advocating for the rights of all Jewish people globally.

Solidarity with Israel also means criticizing the humanitarian disasters and human rights violations by the Netanyahu administration in Gaza, and supporting those democratic forces in Israel that work towards the peaceful coexistence of Palestinians and Jews.

All people are equal.

IDF you need to punish the Hamas terrorists but exercise restraint and mercy with the civilians in Gaza.

8 Oktober 2023 Allgemein

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