A-X-Amun returns

A-X-Amun returns
After his debut Album Khalid (A-X-Amun) worked hard to achieve a more minimalistic and danceable approach. „Re-Terminate“ fulfills all promises a successful development could give and offers darkest EBM elements with harsh vocals and arabic sound samples. Also Hocico recently created a remix for A-X-Amun which had been featured exclusive on Sonic Seducers last CD compilation.
Of course Khalid has just great news to report:
After releasing Origin, I somehow regretted the amount of danceable tracks. More were necessary. We proudly present the 2nd Album Re-terminate. It expresses the cycle of mental instability, trapped in an unavoidable  cycle with no way out.
The album offers a spectrum of Metal songs as well as aggressive beats as well as with multicultural synths, classical and electronic synths. Influences had been bands such as: Front Line Assembly & Hocico.

24 August 2022 News

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