Astari Nite Feature Song in Kinofilm

Astari Nite Feature Song in Kinofilm

Astari Nite’s „The Boy Who Tried“ ist im gerade vorgestellten Horrorfilm „The Everglades Killings“ zu hören.
Der Film des Regisseurs Ben Wilder wurde am Samstag im New Yorker Cinepolis Chelsea Theater 8 während des berühmten New York Horror Film Festivals vorgestellt.

Sänger Mychael stellt den Fim vor: “Known for hundreds of years as an impenetrable, gator-infested hatchery, the Florida Everglades distinctly offers mankind a thousand different ways to die. Add a serial murderer to the mix of pythons, gators, panthers, and jurassic sized disease-carrying insects – and you’re easily left with America’s most dangerous park. So when ten college students trade in their beach plans for reptiles and mosquitos – they quickly learn the term ‘hopeless’ has a whole new meaning.”*


*November 18th – *Too Much Love Magazine release party with Vowws (LA) and
Virgo @ Gramps, Miami

*November 25th *@Respectable Street, West Palm Beach

*December 17th *@ at Orlando Brewing, Orlando

Watch The Everglades Killings Trailer:

16 November 2016 News

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