Nehl Aëlin

Nehl Aëlin

Nehl Aëlin


A microcosm in which the magic of childhood has continued its evolution into a musical parallel. Nehl, the puppeteer, makes her characters move and dance on a tightrope walker’s thread. In her hands, they come alive to tell their story, the narrative of a melancholy Pierrot, the dreamlike poetry of a Japanese storyteller, or the nonsenses of a clown! All of them take you by the hand and carry you away into the melodious carousel, whirling until your deepest forgotten feelings, blending them with pure sensations of the instant.
To get there, come into The Saha World („Le Monde Saha“), and follow the fantastic procession, farandole of influences from Tori Amos, Bjork and Danny Elfman: An initiatory trip punctuated by the echo of a voice and a piano, a path towards senses harmony. The quest for an authentic vibration.
Album «Le Monde Saha» produced by Jean-Pierre JEUNET


Agency: Danse Macabre Records


The artist

Nationality: Französisch

Resident in: Frankreich